Growth and Roots


Its been a while….a year and a day to be precise.

A lot has happened for me over this past year. I will pin point a few of the Snaily highlights.

I moved back home and decided that Bristol is where my roots are and where I want them.

I volunteered at the Bristol Biennial Art Festival. I spent some time in an exhibit  called ‘Our Colour‘ by Liz West. A little girl came in with a toy snail (what are the chances?!)

I attended a Therapeutic Art programme – Art Shine where I created some snails.

I saw in real life ‘SNAIL‘ by Matisse at the Tate in London

(For balance – a snail low light)  I ate one snail at a French restaurant. Turning 30 was dark.  I didn’t like it and I felt very sad afterwords (this applies to both turning 30 and eating the snail!)

Back to the highlights! 

I am the proud owner of 2 Giant African Land Snails. Ellen and Portia.


I bought this snail planter from a lovely shop in Old Market (my new favourite place) from a lovely man named Simon. I bought an apple ice bucket the week before I didn’t have change so he said to pay next time, thats when I found the snail! (What are the chances!)

I have a new job where I work outside and I get to search for snails pretty much every day.

I have started a new project with an aim being to collect 12 snails over the year from people that inspire me.  Watch this space!

I always seem to be a month behind with my resolutions, snail paced is how I slide though I guess. Why not list some of your highlights from the past year relating them to one word. Its pretty fun and allows to you be specific and spiral in on the smaller things.

Spirally Yours

Claudia xoxo



The Send a Snail in the Mail Showcase


Last January I started the ‘send a snail in the mail’ project. Over the year snails slid onto the mats of my many addresses – Victoria -Canada, Bristol – England and Arisaig -Scotland.

This January I showcased the marvellous mailed mollusks and they are currently displayed at Cafe Rhu in Arisaig.

Here are some photos from the launch evening ❤



Thank you to everyone thats been part of the 365 spiral, You snailed it!

Spirally yours

Claudia xoxo



Magnify Magic Moments


Yesterday I was reminded by the dog to Magnify Magic Moments. As I sat in bed painting, Shasta joined me, drinking the paint water, spilling it and placing his paws on the page.

dog and snail

Gratitude is so simple to practice. Noticing the Magic Moments as they pass by helps you stay grounded, strengthens relationships and can make us happier.

My friend Helga gave me a gratitude journal last year, the aim is to make a habit of writing 3 things your grateful for each day. Helga is a collage artist, she would collage her pages too, which is good if you don’t like writing, or if you miss a day or 2.  I started the year pretty well, but as the year went on I let my new habit disappear. I hope that I can retain this simple habit over 2016, It seems so silly to stop doing something that has such positive power.

I also hope to Blog more and continue to gather 365 snails to exhibit!

Merry Christmas and a Happy Heathy 2016.

Spirally Yours

Claudia xoxo



There are so many quotes and ideas of what or where ‘home is’

“where the heart is”

“whenever I’m with you” – Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

“where you lay your hat”  –  I am not going to link this quote to the Paul Young song, although if that is home to him who am I to disagree.

Maybe the snaily lesson is that home is all of it.

“Where the heart is” Which is also where you choose to “lay your shell”…Which is “With you”

One of the reasons I doodle is because I can’t always articulate or even understand what I actually mean myself, so for this reason writing a blog seems a silly thing to do. I do hope that I made some sort of sense, if not maybe my doodles will.

image2 (6) image1 (21)

Spirally yours.

Claudia xoxo

A pie in the face.


Whilst at a house party in May time this year, I rambled about snail a day to a few drunken people around the bonfire.

John Postons, one of the party guests contacted me a few days later with an idea for a snail, then a few days after that I met him in queen square and allowed him to pie me in the face, to make things fair he allowed me to pie him back.

Here is the story board – Why Mollusc you do that to me?

pie face

Dogs, Snails and Walking


This blog title has been on my mind for a while, but I wasn’t sure where to start. Whilst looking through pictures of snails on Instagram this morning I stumbled upon this wonderful image by

image1 (1)

Since moving to the Highlands I have been fortunate to have a lovely lurcher in my life. I have only known him for a few months but he has taught and reminded me of some very important lessons.

Walking is exciting, jumping is fun, sticks are incredibly entertaining, stuff is not important, napping is fine, chocolate is yummy, exercise should be a daily activity, everyone is a potential friend, you are never too old for a den and juggling balls should be stored on a high shelf, as should pencils, chocolate and your purse.

image1 (19)

Serendipity and Snails!


This is the second blog post I have posted with Serendipity in the title.

A month or so back I wondered if I chose Arisiag or if it chose me.

Since then I have very much been enjoying a serendipitous spiral of wonder and have met some marvellous mollusc men, kind keen kids, friendly fun families, lovely lively ladies, powerful poetic pen friends not to mention a copious amount of clever chefs and creative colleagues. (I have an alliteration addiction, apologies!)

Ideally I would like to write a little about each and every one of the amazing people that I have met and that have joined the spiral, however I do work in a hotel and it is the summer holidays! So for now this is my month in molluscs!

Thank you from the bottom of my shell to everyone that has created, thought about creating or shown an interest in the spiral. xoxo

image1 (17)image2 (5)  image1 (15)image2 image3 image4 image5 image7 image8 image9 image10 image11   image12 image13   image1 (16)