I have been snailing away doing a Top up year in Fine Art at The Bristol School of Art. I tried to have a break from the snail stuff, but they slowly crept back. If you would like to see what I have been up to, come along to the Degree Show, where I will be showcasing the snail bar that I made from old pallets with Chris (Pirate Woodwork), serving some Snails Bank Cider and talking nonsense about the marvellous molluscs.

Would love to see you.

Spirally Yours

Claudia xo
degree show poster

Moving Slow is still moving….

I have been snail paced with getting this blog back up and running. It’s on my to do list but first my dissertation awaits….

On the first of April I will be celebrating the handing in of the 6000 words by spending a week in Great Yarmouth, riding the snails.

snails ride

Until Then, I am off to write about Anna Banana, Ivan Cash and relational aesthetics!

Spirally Yours

Claudia xoxo

Snail Symbolism

Leonardo Da Vinci wrote in his Notebooks: “It should not be hard for you to stop sometimes and look into the stains of walls, or ashes of a fire, or clouds, or mud or like places in which … you may find really marvellous ideas.”
C.G. Jung, Man and His Symbols


I have looked into the symbolism of snails many times throughout my snaily journey.

When I looked up snail symbolism this time, some of the things that jumped out to me were –

The Yin (female) and Yang (masculine) energies

Spirals in Nature


Time and moon cycles.


I am just going to leave those here, I may or may not come back to them at some point and allow my thoughts and blog to spiral on each.

Fibonacci is also something I want to learn more about. Another Leonardo.

*Off I go to watch Ted Talks and ponder over Maths and Art!*

Spirally Yours

Claudia xoxo

Growth and Roots

Its been a while….a year and a day to be precise.

A lot has happened for me over this past year. I will pin point a few of the Snaily highlights.

I moved back home and decided that Bristol is where my roots are and where I want them.

I volunteered at the Bristol Biennial Art Festival. I spent some time in an exhibit called ‘Our Colour‘ by Liz West. A little girl came in with a toy snail (what are the chances?!)

I attended a Therapeutic Art programme – Art Shine where I created some snails.

I saw in real life ‘SNAIL‘ by Matisse at the Tate in London

(For balance – a snail low light)  I ate one snail at a French restaurant. Turning 30 was dark.  I didn’t like it and I felt very sad afterwords (this applies to both turning 30 and eating the snail!)

Back to the highlights! 

I am the proud owner of 2 Giant African Land Snails. Ellen and Portia.


I bought this snail planter from a lovely shop in Old Market (my new favourite place) from a lovely man named Simon. I bought an apple ice bucket the week before I didn’t have change so he said to pay next time, thats when I found the snail! (What are the chances!)

I have a new job where I work outside and I get to search for snails pretty much every day.

I always seem to be a month behind with my resolutions, snail paced is how I slide though I guess. Why not list some of your highlights from the past year relating them to one word. Its pretty fun and allows to you be specific and spiral in on the smaller things.

Spirally Yours

Claudia xoxo



A pie in the face.

Whilst at a house party in May time this year, I rambled about snail a day to a few drunken people around the bonfire.

John Postons, one of the party guests contacted me a few days later with an idea for a snail, then a few days after that I met him in queen square and allowed him to pie me in the face, to make things fair he allowed me to pie him back.

Here is the story board – Why Mollusc you do that to me?

pie face

The Tear drops of the Moon


This is Ms Snail, she is a mixed media mollusc by Pauline King.

Pearls symbolise;

Wisdom acquired through experience, spiritual transformation, femininity and self acceptance. They are believed to attract wealth and luck as well as offer protection. They are known for their calming effect, balancing Karma and strengthening relationships. The pearl is also said to symbolise the purity, generosity, integrity, and loyalty of its wearer.

They lift your spirits and make you feel calm and beautiful. They remind us to walk with Dignity. 

Pearls not only provide a mirror in which to see ourselves, but give us insight into how we appear to others.

The ragged, rough grain of sand, transformed over time slowly growing into a object of great value and beauty. With it’s humble beginnings, Pearls symbolise innocence and a pure heart, and help us get in touch with the simple honest things of life.

Another website suggested that “Pearls are the tear drops of the moon”

We all share the moon!

A few weeks ago I was walking home under the light of the moon, I felt small and big at the same time, much like when I visited General Sherman.

I thought about what my friend Eric had once said as we said goodbye to a friend, about us being connected by the moon.

I opened my front door and was greeted by Shelly, made by Katy -The night owl. My dad has fallen in love with it and she is currently sat in my parents living room under a fairy light tree.

image1 (10)

Thank you so much to Katy and Shelly you gave me the moon!  xoxo