Serendipitous Sammy the Snail

Whilst I was in Canada I did a course in ‘Creative Nature Connections‘ taught by Lisa Lipsett at Royal Roads University. The course sounded interesting but one of the main reasons I signed up was to meet people. There was only a few of us and we spent most of the day with our eyes closed and our fingers in a paint pallet.

At lunch time I got talking to Helga, I told her about my daily snaily and she told me about her heart a day! We become friends for the few months that I spent in Victoria. I got to see her showcase her hearts at a local gallery and spend time creating with her. Last week I received some snail mail from her and it came just at the right time. I’d been having a particularly tough morning and as I left the flat the post lady handed me the most wonderful package I ever did see.

The story of Sammy the Snail, a tale of a snail who overcomes sadness brought tears to my eyes and the card with the words ‘hahaha belly laugh’ collaged within a heart reminded me that the feelings of my morning were temporary.


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