The Snail of Happiness indeed!

On Friday I received this fabulous fellow from Jan who writes The Snail of Happiness blog.

image (8)

Casting on, choosing wool, counting stitches and creating a masterpiece – Knitting is something that brings happiness to many.

This snail in particular got me thinking about the exhibit and how and why I want to display 365 snails. The answer of course is HAPPINESS. Not just my own, but hopefully the creators and viewers too.

Where do you find your happiness?

Spirally yours,

Claudia xo

8 thoughts on “The Snail of Happiness indeed!

  1. He [?] is a beautiful snail! I find myself thinking about your snail even though I have two other major projects I am supposed to be thinking about ….. there is a snail painting that wants to be created! That makes me happy! Would you be so kind as to go to my ‘contact me’ page and email me your address?

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  2. Hi Claudia, thanks for checking out my blog! I’m looking forward to watching your snail collection grow… The one Jan sent you is awesome. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to contribute one myself before the year is up 🙂


  3. Ditto. Life might be busy but there is a snail shaped thought process forming in the recesses of my mind. I think it might be wooden. Lets just see where that process takes me. LOVE Jan’s snail, he is gorgeous 🙂


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