This week several snails came gliding through the letterbox.

GLIDE – to move smoothly and continuously along, as if without effort or resistance. 

Although these snails came gliding through my letterbox, I am by no means implying that they came as easy as the word glide suggests.

The journey of each snail is one of significance.  I am not sure this completely makes sense but hopefully the snails will help explain –   they each have a story to tell.

Thank you from the bottom of my shell for sending a snail in the mail. – I hope that each snail continues to act as a puzzle piece and can spread sillyness, thoughtfullness and a way to help us glide!

Here they are!…..

This chap came from Berlin via Devon and is by the super talented illustrator Jayde Perkin. Eine Schnecke looks like he has a lot of character, just like the people that Jayde illustrates.

image (10)

This bright delight is by Ritamae a lovely lady that I used to go to school with.  A rainbow came through the letterbox with this snail!

image (11)

These chaps were gathered by Bakewell Hearts a fellow snail lover that I follow on Instagram. She makes wool Batts which are rather whimsical and snail like!

image (12)

This is Bob, painted by Kate Murray, an illustrator and writer – ‘writing her way out of dyslexia’. He hasn’t made his trip to the mailbox just yet as Kate is waiting to back him, (all part of his journey!)


If you would like to send a snail in the mail too, email:

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