Growth and Roots

Its been a while….a year and a day to be precise.

A lot has happened for me over this past year. I will pin point a few of the Snaily highlights.

I moved back home and decided that Bristol is where my roots are and where I want them.

I volunteered at the Bristol Biennial Art Festival. I spent some time in an exhibit called ‘Our Colour‘ by Liz West. A little girl came in with a toy snail (what are the chances?!)

I attended a Therapeutic Art programme – Art Shine where I created some snails.

I saw in real life ‘SNAIL‘ by Matisse at the Tate in London

(For balance – a snail low light)  I ate one snail at a French restaurant. Turning 30 was dark.  I didn’t like it and I felt very sad afterwords (this applies to both turning 30 and eating the snail!)

Back to the highlights! 

I am the proud owner of 2 Giant African Land Snails. Ellen and Portia.


I bought this snail planter from a lovely shop in Old Market (my new favourite place) from a lovely man named Simon. I bought an apple ice bucket the week before I didn’t have change so he said to pay next time, thats when I found the snail! (What are the chances!)

I have a new job where I work outside and I get to search for snails pretty much every day.

I always seem to be a month behind with my resolutions, snail paced is how I slide though I guess. Why not list some of your highlights from the past year relating them to one word. Its pretty fun and allows to you be specific and spiral in on the smaller things.

Spirally Yours

Claudia xoxo



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