Snail a Day

“What is it with the snails?”  I am often asked.

Here is how it all began….

I studied a foundation degree in Creative Arts Therapies Studies. (CATS for short, we had lots of fun with that acronym)

In the classroom we did lots of sitting on the ground, tea drinking, mediating and soul searching. The snail was my trusty companion in this process.

Out of the classroom we kept a visual journal, which for me was awesome as writing doesn’t come naturally. Instead I was able to snip images, take photos of my shoes, collect things I found on the ground and write random words that didn’t make much sense to anyone else.

A lot of the learning for me at this particular time was about knowing that sometimes there has to be dark for there to be light and not necessarily at different times. And it was Mr Snaily that helped me fully understand this human experience that we all have.

I learnt of a saying “It’s a lovely day for a foxes wedding” which is said in Japan when it’s raining and sunny at the same time, also known as a sun shower.

After learning this, a Wikipedia search was essential! It turned out that different countries have different sayings for the weather phenomenon. Different animals were getting married all over the world! –  A Bear in Bulgaria, In France, a wolf, In Kenya, Hyenas, a donkey and a monkey in Sudan, a snail in Brazil and in the Netherlands the Chickens have a carnival!  My Journaling process could easily be seen as procrastinating moments of google searches, word lists and doodles, but this is how SNAIL IN A VEIL – the first snail, was born.

snail in a veil

At first I loved to rhyme – snail in jail, epic fail, then there was food, puns, famous people, everything and anything was snailed. I quite literally SNAILED IT. 4 years on my thoughts are in snail, and for me doodling or photographing a snail each day is  a meditative, and simple way for me to be in the moment, keep up my creative practice, express gratitude, be silly, make connections, and learn more about myself, others and snails.

3 thoughts on “Snail a Day

  1. Love your website to pieces! And very interesting to hear how snail a day came about after all these years!
    Claudia you are my creative hero! Xx

    Ps. How does a snail get its shell so shiny?

    They use snail varnish! X


    1. Thank you so much Jess Bo Baggins (I love your name by the way) I also love the joke! It’s going to be todays daily snaily! Happy Wednesday to you! Yours spirally Claudia xo


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