Cheeky Snails


My friend James just sent me this cheeky chap! I guess snails are pretty cheeky, especially when they eat your plants! I heard that their favourite plant to eat is a Hosta! What do you do to protect both plants and snails in your garden? I know someone that carefully rehouses the snails by driving them some distance down the road to the local nature reserve.

Hello from Creative Shell

feel connected
Hello, I’m Claudia!

I have been snail paced in getting this blog underway but it’s here, and who says snail paced is a bad thing?

I have been doing snail a day on Instagram for well over a year, some days I have posted 4 snails and other days none. It’s still a process I love and one that makes me feel connected (not only by the people that have supported it but in the content the snail brings me)

I have loved creating the daily snaily and would love to share it, what better way then with a Snail Mail 365 exhibit – Send a Snail in the Mail

Spirally yours

Claudia xo