The Snail of Happiness indeed!

On Friday I received this fabulous fellow from Jan who writes The Snail of Happiness blog.

image (8)

Casting on, choosing wool, counting stitches and creating a masterpiece – Knitting is something that brings happiness to many.

This snail in particular got me thinking about the exhibit and how and why I want to display 365 snails. The answer of course is HAPPINESS. Not just my own, but hopefully the creators and viewers too.

Where do you find your happiness?

Spirally yours,

Claudia xo

Hello from Creative Shell

feel connected
Hello, I’m Claudia!

I have been snail paced in getting this blog underway but it’s here, and who says snail paced is a bad thing?

I have been doing snail a day on Instagram for well over a year, some days I have posted 4 snails and other days none. It’s still a process I love and one that makes me feel connected (not only by the people that have supported it but in the content the snail brings me)

I have loved creating the daily snaily and would love to share it, what better way then with a Snail Mail 365 exhibit – Send a Snail in the Mail

Spirally yours

Claudia xo